Retrospective Falsification


1. The Myth of US Freedom & Democracy: The My Lai massacre – 40 years later

Respected, New York Times journalist, Seymour Hirsch gives his view on just one US civilian massacre in Vietnam and compares it with endemic US military and government flaunting of International law, most recently in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. This contrasts with the official US policy of “bringing freedom and democracy” to the oppressed people of the world. The USA has never been tried for its numerous well documented war crimes. The USA continues to refuse participation in the UN. International Criminal Court in the Hague. The US administration should certainly face charges for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide.


2. The Myth of US Military Supremacy

The US withdrawal from Vietnam was anything but dignified. But, despite the rewriting of history by the American government and media, it is clear from contemporary video footage of the fall of Saigon, that the United States was defeated and that the US Military left the country in something of a chaotic hurry! Despite this fiasco, many US citizens still believe this operation was a great success as part of the US’ Vietnamisation process.



3. Monsanto – A company with millions of skeletons in the cupboard

The amount of scandal and corruption surrounding Monsanto is legendary and dates back 100 years. These scandals are sinister and include Monsanto’s role in the development of Agent Orange responsible for killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of civilians farmers and their children in Vietnam: Monsanto also was responsible for the banned chemical DDT, which is still causing birth defects in the Western World. It is currently involved in GM food crop safety trial fraud, not to mention a wealth of well documented evidence of its corrupt relationships with certain neo-Con politicians in the USA.

Despite this, Monsanto is still a household name, even though common-sense dictates it should be a corporate pariah and be closed down and many of its officials thrown into prison for crimes against humanity, environmental crime and fraud. Monsanto keeps trying to re-invent its past but gradually its past begins to overtake its present as the company rapidly becomes one of the most despised organisations in existence.





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